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USCIS Immigration Physicals at
Valley Immediate Care

Our knowledgeable staff

with help you with all

that frustrating paperwork!

What to expect

What to bring

When you call to schedule your immigration physicals we will schedule you two appointments. The first appointment is on Monday. We ask that you bring all documents that you have with you to this appointment (Translated if needed).

When you arrive at our location we will ask for ID, take payment and fill out our registration and consent forms. We review all documents that you have brought to this appointment. If there are vaccinations that are needed we will inform you of some locations that you could use. Vaccination shots are not covered under this physical. You will fill out medical forms that are part of your physical, we will order the age appropriate labs that are required by USCIS. We ask that you do the labs the same day, giving us time to get results back. Don’t worry if you eat or drink anything. It is ok. This appointment takes 20-30 minutes.

Your second appointment will be Thursday in the same week. When you come in we will take a second payment and look at your Id ( please bring the same ID as the first appointment). We will go over I-693 to make sure everything is accurate. Then we will take some vitals and the civil surgeon will come in and do the physical exam. Once our provider has completed the exam they will finish filling out the I-693. You will be given a copy of most of the documents that will be sealed and ready to be turned in to your lawyer or mailed to USCIS. This appointment is 20-30 minutes.

  • Valid government issued ID, such as a Passport, Driver’s License or Military ID
  • Medical records (translated to English by a licensed translator), include proof of prior treatment for tuberculosis or other infectious disease and prior chest x-ray reports
  • Immunization records (translated to English by a licensed translator).
  • Any mental health records (translated to English by a licensed translator).
  • If you have children under 14 years of age, USCIS will accept other proof of identity birth certificates that show name, date, place of birth and both parents full name (with translation).
  • Alien registration number (A-Number) if you have one.

If you do not speak English, please bring a family member or friend with you to your second appointment who can translate for you. If you need an interpreter, we can arrange one for you. The cost of the interpreter is at your expense.

Appointments are available by calling 541-734-9030

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